New signs on Pottery Road

By , February 10, 2012 11:56 pm

New signs on Pottery Road

When Pottery Road re-opened at the end of November, some drivers reported confusion about what the newly painted sharrows meant, with some thinking that the downhill lane was for bikes only. To help alleviate any confusion on Pottery Road, the City of Toronto has erected new signs to indicate that the lane is shared by cars and bikes, that bikes should ride down in the middle of the lane, and that drivers shouldn’t try to pass cyclists while going down the hill.

Because this kind of pavement marking is still relatively new, a lot of drivers and cyclists alike may not know exactly what to do when they encounter sharrows on the road. The City of Toronto has put together a FAQ explaining the ins and outs of sharrows. The City has also produced a video to introduce sharrows to all road users:



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