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Members of Ward 29 Bikes

Members of Ward 29 Bikes at the Withrow Park Farmers’ Market

Ward 29 Bikes

… to Work… to School… to Shop… to Play…

We are an open group of local volunteers advocating safe and sound youth and adult cycling in and around Ward 29 Toronto-Danforth. Our objectives are to:

  • Build the ward into a model community for cyclist, pedestrian and driver cooperation
  • Make the streets safer for children to cycle to school and to play
  • Link and complete safe bicycle routes for adults to cycle to work and to shop
  • Celebrate The Danforth from Coxwell to Broadview for its present safe cyclist and motorist behaviours
  • Promote Crothers’ Woods as a local destination for environmentally-responsible mountain and BMX biking
  • Promote recreational cycling in and around Ward 29, including the Don Valley
  • Shine the cycling spotlight on ward candidates in the 2010 municipal election
  • Fully implement the Toronto Bike Plan’s bike lanes and routes in Ward 29 within five years (2013).


We hold organizational and social meetings every two weeks, usually in a local cafe, restaurant, or pub. Our meetings are informal and are open to any interested members of the public. We occasionally invite guests from the City of Toronto, other ward-based groups, and other advocacy organizations to lend their expertise, ideas, and experience. If you’d like to attend any of our meetings, please check the calendar for the next meeting time or contact us.

The Executive

Ward 29 Bikes is run by a volunteer collective. They are:

Kathy Chung

[Bio coming soon.]

Val Dodge

A lifelong recreational and fitness cyclist, Val returned to bicycle commuting in 2007 after a 15 year hiatus. He believes that cycling is a gateway drug, leading its users directly into the grip of other vices like good health, lowered stress levels, and increased interaction with other human beings. His cycling survival kit includes a TTC token and GO train ticket to get him home when he’s too tired to fight that headwind. Val cycles year-round and thinks more people should try winter cycling just once before dismissing it entirely. He shares many of his observations on cycling and the world around him on his web site.

Tom Flaherty

Tom has been addicted to cycling since his training wheels came off when he was 2.  An avid trail rider, Tom switched to commuting by bike when gas spiked after hurricane Katrina, and never looked back.  Cycling to work, to shop and for recreation keep Tom pedalling all season long, and he’s always happy to try to persuade a driver to hang up the keys.  An advocate for cycling, Tom believes that Toronto provides excellent opportunities for riders of all ages, with many parks and attractions that are easily accessible for cyclists.

Tom is a member of Toronto Cyclists Union and Ward 29 Bikes.

Luke Siragusa

Luke came by the world in the usual way but has since found there’s a better way to get around. Since discovering that a couple of triangles and circles could add up to more than a failing grade in Geometry, he’s delighted by what that perspective placed stuck between his legs—a bicycle of course! And whether bouncing over potholes of colourful, chaotic city streets, rolling through spectacular mountain vistas, or following the front wheel to the horizon, he is invigorated to discover again and again that the perspective is rarely more rewarding than from the saddle.

Charlotte Young

[Bio coming soon.]


Past members

Past members of the Ward 29 Bikes executive include:

Paul Charbonneau

Vincent de Tourdonnet

Donald Wiedman

Hamish Wilson



A big “Thank you!” to all of the volunteers , past and present, who have established our direction, organized and participated in our events, and provided invaluable assistance in ways too numerous to mention. Making a difference in Ward 29 starts with you.

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